Online Tuning Fork Level Switch
Online Tuning Fork Level Switch
Online Tuning Fork Level Switch
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1. Introduction
Tuning Fork Level Switch

Tuning Fork Level Switch is a high-reliability control switch dedicated to liquid level measurement. The length of the fork body is only 40mm, which is suitable for liquid level measurement in narrow spaces of pipes. The fork body is precisely tuned, and the lowest density of liquids that can be detected is 0.5g/cm3.

2.  Working principle

UZK-Y Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch is composed of circuit hardware part and tuning fork sensor part. The tuning fork sensor is composed of piezoelectric ceramic and fork body. The piezoelectric ceramic is fixed to the bottom of the fork body, and the self-excited oscillation circuit of the circuit hardware part make the fork body vibrate; according to the different vibration frequency of the fork body sensor part in the air and in the liquid, detect whether the fork body is in the liquid or the air, and output the switch signal.

1. The length of the tuning fork is only 40mm,, which is more suitable for liquid measurement in narrow spaces;

2. The measurable viscosity is 10000mPa/s;

3. Not affected by external vibration and turbulence;

4. Not affected by bubbles;

5. The liquid level switch does not need to be adjusted, maintenance-free and more reliable;

6. Signal output mode: relay (normally open/normally closed) node.

3. Specifications

4. Configuration
5. Package

Packaging: cartons(one pc in one carton)

Dimensions:53*18*13 cm

Gross Weight: 3.0 kgs

Delivery time: 2 days after payment

Delivery: by sea or courier such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS

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