ATEX approved static cable reel with retractable cable
ATEX approved static cable reel with retractable cable
ATEX approved static cable reel with retractable cable
ATEX approved static cable reel with retractable cable
ATEX approved static cable reel with retractable cable
ATEX approved static cable reel with retractable cable
US $169-211
5 piece

Item specifics

316L SS Hosing + 7m green cable
Cable Material
Clamp Material
SC-01 Aluminum Clamp
Gross Weight
ATEX cert.



1. Introduction
The ATEX approved "Static Grounding Reels" have a self­retracting cable drum and an instant locking mechanism to prevent the cable from becoming tangled. 
The standard S-RL model includes a 7m (23ft.) polyurethane jacketed stainless steel cable. An ATEX approved, heavy duty grounding clamp (with replaceable stainless steel tips) is connected to the cable for a solid connection to the grounding surface. S-RL static cable reel with retractable cable is also available with 15m (49ft.) and 20m (65ft.) cable lengths.

2. Advantages

1. Stainless steel housing and base plate. 

2. The sealed housing prevents the cable from being exposed to corrosive and harsh environments.

3. The self-storing cable design prevents personnel from being exposed to trip hazards. The self-retracting cable mechanism keeps the cable stored in safe, organized manner. 

4. An instant locking mechanism in 3kg retractable reel holds the cable at the desired extended length.

5. Applicable Directive:2014/34/EU 

3. Specifications

Hosing Material:304SS
Clamp cable length:7m(23ft.) 15m (49ft.)  20m (65ft.) 
Certificate: ATEX
4. Application
The Static Grounding Reel is suitable for use in areas where highly inflammable and explosive materials are being transferred. Recommended application includes but is not limited to:
 1) Gasoline filling stations
 2) Transport tankers, Vacuum Loading and Unloading tankers, Pneumatic tankers
 3) Railroad tank cars
 4) Petrochemical Refineries
 5) Chemical processing and manufacturing industries
Material304 SSFe
CableCopper or SSSS
TipsNichrome Stainless steel
certificate ATEX No
Spring Defend spring Simple spring
5. Installation Diagram &  Dimensions
6. Package

Packaging: cartons(4 pcs in one carton)

Dimensions:53*40*24 cm

Gross Weight: 11.0 kgs

Delivery time: 2 days after payment

Delivery: by sea or courier such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS

7. Company Information
8. ATEX Certification
The Marking signify the compliance with the 2014/34/EU ATEX Directive.The various markings are described below. 
Ex II 2 G Ex h IIC T6 Gb (Assessed to EN80079-36: 2016)
Specific mark for explosion protection.
II    Equipment Group II: It's designed to be used in in explosive atmospheres other than mins.
2    Equipment Category 2: The equipment is protected against ignition hazards in normal operation where a gas is likely to occur under normal conditions. 
G   Equipment is intended for exposure to explosive gasses and mists only (not protected against explosive dusts). 
Ex  Explosion-proof mark. 
h    Level of Protection,the protection type of the product  is "c". 
IIC  The typical gas of the explosive gas atmosphere is hydrogen. 
T6   In normal operation, the maximum environment temperature is 60℃, the maximum surface temperature is 66.6 ℃ and shall not exceed 85℃. 
Gb   The equipment does not contain any effective ignition sources during normal operation and expected malfunctions.