ALPTEC sales rebound under the full control of COVID-19

ALPTEC sales rebound under the full control of COVID-19


With the COVID-19 in China under full control, most enterprises across the country have resumed work, ALPTEC sales rebounded. Personal Electrostatic Eliminating Alarm and Surveillance Radar are the most popular products .

ALPTEC sales rebound under the full control of COVID-19

With the COVID-19 in China under full control, most enterprises across the country have resumed work. What is the sales situation of ALPTEC since it resumed work since February 18th?


It is impossible that the sales performance is not affected. It is indeed reduced compared with previous years. Many projects have been postponed or cannot be carried out normally. However, with the improvement of the epidemic situation and the support of national government policies, the market is slowly returning to normal. After a month of preparations for resuming work at ALPTEC, both raw materials, parts, finished products, and workers are in place and ready to go.

At the end of March, a small peak period of orders was ushered in. ALPTEC calmly, efficiently and orderly dispatched the goods. What are the favorite products? Let's take a look.

The most popular product is Personal Electrostatic Eliminating Alarm.

One week sales were 890 units, a record high.

Ever since the launch of PS-A in 2008 which is the first domestic Personal Electrostatic Eliminating Alarm, it is always leading the industry trend. Currently, the third generation of Personal Electrostatic Eliminating Alarm PS-A3 has been introduced.



1.National invention patent products;

2.True detection of static voltage;

3. Audible voice warning when personnel approaching.

OLED Display indicates the resistance value.


Based on the advanced radar principle, the Surveillance Radar can monitor whether there are people entering and moving within the cover range of radar. It is usually used for safety protection in key areas, such as gas station tank area, the perimeter of the oil depot to prevent intrusion, thief or destruction.



1.No false alarm

The radar uses a microwave band that does not exist in nature and cannot be triggered by fog, rain, snow or sand. There is no false alarm caused by weather. At the same time, the detection target is only related to the reflection area of the targets. After setting the predetermined alarm, the small size target cannot trigger the alarm. It cannot be affected by the weather or small objects.

2.No missing alarm

The radar radiation area is a three dimensional area with a certain width and thickness, and the existence and movement of the target can be effectively detected throughout the coverage; there is no possibility of being traversed, which avoids the missing alarm.

Through the efforts in the past few years, we have won an order of 106 gas stations in a province. We also launch UAV reaction system, welcome to contact us.


In the 24 years of development, ALPTEC has accumulated rich experience in production design, and has a complete quality assurance system, advanced production lines, experienced production workers, and a professional service team to ensure the stable operation of the equipment on every site with high-quality installation, and more professional services.

The company's survival ability can be tested the most in difficult times. Only during this period of time can we sum up and reflect internally, find a direction in the economy and change, and take the depression as a leap for redevelopment, then we will catch the market opportunity and take another leap.

The R & D department innovates deeply, the production department improves the process, and the sales and after-sales departments conduct training and learning; all series of products are fully stocked, and all service personnel are ready to serve you, looking forward to be your trustworthy partner!