PD Meter Positive Displacement Flowmeters
PD Meter Positive Displacement Flowmeters
PD Meter Positive Displacement Flowmeters
PD Meter Positive Displacement Flowmeters
PD Meter Positive Displacement Flowmeters
PD Meter Positive Displacement Flowmeters
US $3780-4680
1 piece

Item specifics

Tube:SS316L Shell:SS304
Linear accuracy
±0.075% to ±0.15%



1. Introduction
PD Meter
Model: ECH series

The ECH series screw flowmeter is a very accurate double-shell liquid flow measurement device. The main body consists of a pair of spiral rotors and three chambers between the shells. It uses a sensor that does not contact the liquid to generate and pass through the flow cupmeter. The liquid flow bowl is proportional to the resolution output signal. The signal is shaped by the internal preset amplifier and sent to the auxiliary equipment. The data can be indicated locally or remotely transmitted to the secondary meter through the transmitter.
The ECH series screw flowmeter adopts a unique twin-screw principle with no sliding, vibrating or reciprocating parts inside.

2. Principle Introduction 

3. Advantages

1. The unique double-shell structure design can reduce the adverse effects of the external environment. The maximum linear accuracy is ±0.05% and the maximum repeatability is 0.01%.

2. Designed life is 10 years. Using unique screw principle, no slip inside Moving, vibrating or reciprocating parts, almost no mechanical parts required Maintenance, high stability and long life.

3. The range ratio is high, with a range ratio of up to 1:10, and small flow rates still providehigh-level metering performance.

4. The pulse resolution is high, and a sensor that does not come into contact with the liquid produces a highresolution output proportional to the liquid meteor passing through the meteorometer Send a signal.

5. High flexibility, minimal pressure loss, can be installed vertically or horizontally, and the metering performance is not affected.

6. The transmitter has rich display functions. The meter head adopts electronic display, which is easy to read. It can display cumulative flow, single-day flow, single flow, and instantaneous flow. Signal output type: pulse signal + RS485.

4. Specification
5. Company Information

Established in 1996, Qingdao Alptec Safety Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality Overfill Protection as well as Static Grounding Systems, Earthing Clamps, Reels and accessories for the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas and process industries that transport, store, transfer and use flammable liquids, solvents or combustible liquids in hazardous areas.

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