ALPTEC provides the Military with overfill prevention & static grounding systems to ensure safe petroleum fueling operations. 

The lightning protection of floating roof storage tanks, anti overflow of oil shipment, static grounding of oil transportation and elimination of human static electricity have all used the equipment of ALPTEC, and we have cooperated for more than ten years.

The ATEX approved “Overfill Protection and Earthing Systems” are designed for bottom loading of tank trucks, rail cars, etc. In the event of an overfill condition, the overfill sensor will send a signal through the output relay to the terminal automated loading system to shut down the loading operation. The systems provide overfill protection as well as grounding verification.

The "Static Grounding Monitoring System" functions as a part of an Overfill Protection & Earthing System. These provide a visual green light indicating a confirmed grounding condition of road tanker vehicles during the transfer of flammable and combustible materials. A red light indicates the absence of dependable grounding. An interlock circuit inside the control panel will prevent pumps and equipment from starting until a satisfactory ground is established. The interlock circuit will also shut off pumps and equipment if the ground is lost during the pumping operation.

The “Retractable Grounding Reel” (RGR for short) is designed to discharge the static electricity of floating roof storage tanks. It is used as the equipotential bonding between the floating roof and tank shell. The lightning current and bound charge will be effectively and rapidly dissipated to the earth upon a lightning strike. Compared with the conventional bypass conductor, it will effectively decrease the possibility of a lightning-induced fire, and make it more reliable and safe.

The portable density meter DSM-PN-03 is designed for density and temperature measurements of any pure liquids directly in tanks, without sampling, at the depth up to 30 meters.

Based on the advanced radar principle, the Surveillance Radar can monitor whether there are objects entering and moving within the cover range of radar. It is usually used for safety protection in key areas, such as gas station tank area, the perimeter of the oil depot, and the first- and second-level risk areas of the oil depot, used to prevent intrusion, thief or destruction.