Application of Static Grounding System in Pharmaceutical

Application of Static Grounding System in Pharmaceutical


Application of Static Grounding System in Pharmaceutical.

Application of Static Grounding System in Pharmaceutical
Application of Static Grounding System in Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical industry is also an industry prone to electrostatic safety accidents. 

Grinding of raw materials, dust removal, container filling, and movement of combustible powders and solvents are significant sources of static electricity.

Product Solution

1. Grounding Assemblies 

In order to dissipate the electrostatic charge from various equipment, we offer a wide range of static grounding clamps with cables, which are all ATEX approved, certification:  Ex II 2 G T6

2. Self-testing Grounding Clamp with Visible & Audible Alarms

The accumulation of static charges during the fueling transfer process can lead to costly explosions, fire and personnel injury. The ‘Self-testing Grounding Clamp’ with visible & audible alarms is designed to dissipate static accumulation and verify proper grounding. It is intrinsically safe for use in hazardous locations.

3.Static Grounding Monitoring Systems

The "Static Grounding Monitoring System" functions as a part of an Overfill Protection & Earthing System. These provide a visual green light indicating a confirmed grounding condition of road tanker vehicles during the transfer of flammable and combustible materials. A red light indicates the absence of dependable grounding. An interlock circuit inside the control panel will prevent pumps and equipment from starting until a satisfactory ground is established. The interlock circuit will also shut off pumps and equipment if the ground is lost during the pumping operation.
4.Static Grounding Reels 

The ATEX approved "Static Grounding Reels" have a self­retracting cable drum and an instant locking mechanism to prevent the cable from becoming tangled.

The standard S-RL model includes a 7m (23ft.) polyurethane jacketed stainless steel cable. An ATEX approved, heavy duty grounding clamp (with replaceable stainless steel tips) is connected to the cable for a solid connection to the grounding surface. S-RL Reels are also available with 15m (49ft.) and 20m (65ft.) cable lengths.