Earth clamps for Big-Bags (FIBC)

Earth clamps for Big-Bags (FIBC)


Earth clamps for Big-Bags (FIBC)

Earth clamps for Big-Bags (FIBC)

Earth clamps for Big-Bags (FIBC)

Type of dust

Plastic additive

Description of the plant and process

• The product was supplied in a conductive Big-Bag (FIBC type C).

• The Big-Bag (1) had conductive lifting handles (2) and was also fitted with earthing points (3) on the side.

• The lifting hooks (4) were made of metal and connected with a plastic cable (5) to the crane.

• A filling funnel (6) with sealing system (7) was used to empty the Big-Bag into the silo (8).

Course of the incident

• Dust leaked out of the improperly fitted sealing system (7) during the emptying of the Big-Bag forming a large dust cloud in the filling area.

• In order to solve the problem the operator called two further colleagues for help.

• Shortly afterwards a dust explosion occurred in the vicinity of the filling funnel (6) and also in the Big-Bag (1).


Due to the problem with the sealing system (7) and the formation of a large dust cloud three opera-tors were exposed to a much greater hazard than would normally be present.

• The three operators suffered severe burns.

• Following litigation the firm had to pay tens of million Euro in damages to the workers.


• The Big-Bag was not earthed (9) and became charged due to the emptying operation.

• A spark discharge occurred from the Big-Bag (1) to the earthed metal filling funnel (6) which

ignited the dust cloud formed by the leaking seal and also the dust cloud in the Big-Bag (1).


• The Big-Bag (1) must be earthed and monitored (9) before emptying starts.

• The sealing system should be improved to prevent the formation of a dust cloud in the filling area.

• Operators must be trained so that they are aware of the ignition hazards which arise from electrostatic charging.

Earth Clamp Introduction:

In order to dissipate the electrostatic charge from various equipment, we offer a wide range of static grounding clamps with cables, which are all ATEX approved, certification:  Ex II 2 G T6. SC-04 is specially designed for Big-Bags (FIBC).


Die-cast aluminum construction with brass jaws. 

Brass jaws are designed to allow proper contact onto unpainted surfaces, posts or thin materials.

Suitable for grounding and bonding on Big-Bags (FIBC), refueling vehicles and aircraft.

Opening: 18mm

Sizes: 112mm X 80mm