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How many kinds of RGR coil springs do you have?

301 stainless steel and Fe material.

What kind of products will you sell in the international market?

After more than one year of use in the Chinese market, the product quality is stable, and the products with good feedback from customers are sold in the international market.

How often do you launch a new product?

Our R&D personnel account for 1/4 of the company, so we usually launch or upgrade a new product every six months.

Do you sell spare parts for equipment?

Yes, we will provide you a discount price.

Can you provide Certificate of Origin?

Yes, we can, such as Form A Form E. 

Static Earthing Monitor with reels are dispatched to Taiwan

Will you meet customer's customized needs?

We will formulate plans according to customer needs, and then respect customer suggestions.

How many sets of Static Grounding Monitors can you sell in a year?

About 2000-3000 sets.

What is your best selling product?

Static Grounding Monitor is our hot-selling product.

What's the weight of SC-01 clamp?

Clamp weight: 140g

What's the size of SC-01 clamp?

Clamp Dimensions:112mm x 80mmOpening:20mm

What's the length of two core spiral cable?

Our standard cable is 5m, 8m, 10m, 13m, other length is available.

What's the length of your Static grounding one-core spiral cable?

Our standard length is 4m and 7m, other length is available.

What's the color of your Static grounding one-core spiral cable?

We have green, blue, orange cable and other color can be customized.