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What's the weight of SC-01 clamp?

Clamp weight: 140g

What's the size of SC-01 clamp?

Clamp Dimensions:112mm x 80mmOpening:20mm

What's the length of two core spiral cable?

Our standard cable is 5m, 8m, 10m, 13m, other length is available.

What's the length of your Static grounding one-core spiral cable?

Our standard length is 4m and 7m, other length is available.

What's the color of your Static grounding one-core spiral cable?

We have green, blue, orange cable and other color can be customized.

What's the specification of single- core spiral cable?

Technical data of single-core spiral cable is in below:Inner core specification: 2mm2Insulating cover color: green  Insulating cover material: polyurethaneOperation temperature: -40℃to+60℃Features: oil-proof, aging resistance, uvioresistant, hydrolysis resistanceExternal diameter:5.8±0.1mmExtendable length: 4m  

What's the specification of two core spiral cable?

External diameter: 9±0.5mmCross-sectional area of each inner core: 1.5mm2Insulating cover color: blueInsulating cover material: polyurethaneCore material: tinned copper wireOperation temperature: -40℃to+60℃Features: oil-proof, aging resistance, uvioresistant, hydrolysis resistanceExtendable length: 5m to 6m

How to detect the inner core of the static grounding cable?

Using a multimeter to measure the connection of the cable.Also, we have Self-testing Grounding Clamp with Visible & Audible Alarms.

The inner core of the Static Grounding Assembly is broken---how to solve?

Our cable is durable, we suggest checking the cable per three months.And also we suggest using our visible and audible clamp to confirm whether the system is working.

Do you offer installation service?

We don't supply installation service, but we have agents in your country if they can, please contact us for details.

How many cable specifications do you have?

our standard cable is one-core 1*2.0 mm2  spiral(straight) cable, two core 2*1.5 mm2 spiral(straight) cable. We can provide black, green ,blue,orange and other colors.

Can you customize the cable for us?

Yes, we can, the more quantity, the lower the price.

What is different about ALPTEC grounding cable?

Our cable is oil and corrosion resistant cable, more suitable for oil and gas and chemical applications, long service life.

Why do we need to use sharp tips on the grounding clamps?

The material of our clamp tip is nickel-chrome, which can penetrate the surface of the ground pile, paint, rust, etc., making the grounding more reliable.