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What foreign guest activities does your company generally hold?

What foreign guest activities does your company generallyhold?

Would you invite foreign customers to participate in company events?

Yes, we have many activities, such as at the annual beach event, we barbeque, drink beer, andplay games on the beach. Customers are very happy to participate.   

Do you have branch office in your main market?

No, but we set up sole agent there, you can buy what you required locally and enjoy good after-sales service.

What's your main market?

Our products are sold to all over the world, Europe, South America and Asian are our main markets.

What is the percentage of R&D personnel in your company?

The proportion of R&D personnel in our company is 1/3.

How many emplyees in your company?

More than 200 employees in ALPTEC, and nearly 1000 employees in our enterprise.

Do you have Branch office in other countries?

We have agents in more than 50 countries, and the branch is still being planned.

Are you still participating in the exhibition during the epidemic?

We are temporarily not participating in exhibitions outside of China.

Can we buy your products on electronic business platform?

We sell products on Alibaba, it can protect the interests of consumers.

Can I try it out and pay later?

It depends on the price of products, if the product is very expensive, we ask you to pay at least 50% of the purchase price. If you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund.

Is there a fee for on-site maintenance?

In principle, there is no charge for product quality problems during the warranty period. Outside the warranty period, the personnel travel expenses plus the dispatch fee are charged, and the maintenance fee is not charged.

Can you provide on-site maintenance services?

Yes, On-site service depends on the quantity of your on-site products and faults, if necessary, we can send engineers there.

Are your products at a unified national price?

Yes, but we will  give you a discount if your quantity is large.

Are you still selling on other platforms?

Yes, we sell on Alibaba and Made-in-China internet.